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2018 - Review and Retrospective & 2019 Planning

Cool stuff I worked on this year


Poverty is a Choice was the big release this year, first Steam game, first proper launch for the company. Sales aside, it was a fantastic success.

The game I made for the Unreal jam was interesting, it involved real tine colour and shape changing. It led to the below assets!


The Swarm movement component is now now available on the Unreal asset store. It has slow but consistent sales with no big issues discovered in it!

The Ahead based Collision detection was critical to the Swarm movement. I spun that out into its own component to sell separately but it was rejected from the store….

Once I add some AI content to it I might resubmit!


Lastly, but definitely not least, Fools story.

Fools story was put on long term hiatus due to game-play issues with the prototype. It will return, just maybe not for a while, and maybe not in the format I previously pitched it……

I also did a bunch of contract Project Management work this year but no one wants to read about that.

2019 Planning

I said it last year and I will say it again, this is a make or break year for UHS.

Death Curve 94 - more details soon - will hopefully launch this year, possibly with a publisher.

Masters will be finished.

A few more side projects (puppets? Bitcoin? Attacking the catholic church?) will be done.

Probably some corporate PM stuff.