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Sprint 3 - E3 and confusion

I wan't planning for a sprint to end this week. I wanted to do a 1 week sprint on a separate project over E3 so this should be technically mid sprint 3, but I ended up pivoting back to a ChestNut Sprint after some technical false starts. 

Wonder whats over there!

Wonder whats over there!


I made some big changes to the AI system and the direction of the plant->food->seed gameplay loop.
I also posted a request for concept artists to send in their Portfolios. The ad was up for two and a half days before I took it down. I got 102 valid applicants. (!) 

Git has just given up on me, the binary files are too large, and the LFS (large file system) seems to not be helping all that much. I think Unreals build in Git integration may not be helping. 
My current backup process is a .zip and SSH based system.......