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2017 - Review and Retrospective & 2018 - Planning

Cool things I worked on this year



This was a Metal Gear Acid style Card game that I worked on late last year and at the start of this year. The project was scraped for one main reason - I wan't meant to do commercial work while on my American Visa.



This was something created for the Kenny jam and I saw an opportunity to push it out onto Android. To be very clear, this is a buggy mess of a game but it serves a single purpose. When I get condescending questions about what I doing with my life I can say I have a product in the market.  


After the Storm

Made for the Unreal Engine Mega Jam this was good enough to get me a shout out on the live stream. Definitely motivates me to keep doing those Jams. 


2D Fighter 

This is a 2D game played by swiping the screen of a phone. It was fine, the main problem with it was the limited controls required locking a time window for player input, this slowed the game significantly. Even with just a 2 second time delay between the moves, the game felt like a crawl. 


Fools Story

This is it! The big one. For the last 6 or so months I've been working on this. A 3D Viva Pinata meets Firewatch. Lots done, lots more to do. I've given myself until the end of January to make the game "Fun". If I can manage that then hopefully we'll have a 2018 launch date! 

Plans for 2018

2018 is going to be the make or break year for Ugliest Horse Studio. i drank some coffee and wrote a decision tree. 

If Fools Story gets fun the plan is to work hard and get it out in 2018. If I can't get it out in 2018 the I may do a Kickstarter in July/August.

If I can't make the game fun before February comes around I need to come up with alternatives. I will pivot to smaller mobile card games and see if I can pitch and publish to some larger development groups. That doesn't mean Fools Story goes away, just that I stop expecting a 2018 launch. 

If I pivot to the mobile card games and can't get any traction or funding.... then things will get weird. I have a plan but lets hope it doesn't come to that.

Other Fun Activities in 2018

I'd like to publish a Podcast at some point soon! 
I'd like to not fail out of my Masters. 
I'd love to get to GDC in 2019 or maybe one of the Pocket Gamer events. 
Maybe a board-game??? Who knows!!!! 


I'll let the noble steed of time carry me onwards.